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      ZISK is a Polish word that means ‘profit’ – appropriately describing this app that accurately predicts your dairy’s financial future.

      From entering the number of cows in your herd, average milk production, and average basis (mailbox price minus Class III price) you will see the projected profit on your dairy for the next 12 months! The app utilizes multiple algorithms that incorporate the expenses of running a dairy along with a continuously updating live feed from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to calculate your feed costs.

      ZISK not only predicts your profits, it also watches the markets for you! ZISK will alert you when milk, soybean meal, corn, or your profit margin hits a certain mark that you set.

      All in all, this app is what the dairy industry has been waiting for! It is simple, fast, and easy to use. It takes the stress out of the futures market and puts the future in the palm of your hand!

      Visit us online: https://www.ziskapp.com

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