About Us

DairyDealer.com was created by dairy farmers for the dairy industry to maximize profits for producers by bridging the gap between buyer and seller by cutting out the middleman.  When dairy and ag related items need to be sold, ranging from cattle to feed to equipment and everything in-between, we bring the buyer and seller together on a worldwide level for a small fee.

When using DairyDealer.com, a seller can avoid pricey commissions (which can be as high as 8%) and usually save up to 99% of the total sale*.  

For example, with a herd of 100 cattle at $2,000 per head, a stockyard could charge up to $16,000 for the sale.  With DairyDealer.com, the seller would only be charged a $10 remittance fee per head, bringing the total cost to $1,000.  

*No additional fees are charged on listed items that are NOT cattle. 

Thank you for your business.


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