How It All Works

For The Dairy Industry By The Dairy Industry. brings buyers and sellers together like never before in the Dairy Industry. When people have cattle, dairy farms, equipment, or feed for sale, they post their listing here on What's even better is that it's RISK FREE!
Our site has been designed as a virtual sale barn that saves sellers money and allows buyers to access everything for sale on from anywhere in the world.  
Why it works.
When a prospective buyer finds a listing they are interested in, they simply fill out a request form with the listing number they're interested in and a member of the staff will be in contact. This not only helps us keep track of transactions that originated on, but keeps sellers information private and off the internet. Sellers Save up to 90%!
When sellers use, they are not only saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars by avoiding the sale barn, but are also literally selling their items from the luxury of their own home. 
Sale barns often times take up to 7% in fees and commissions.