Dairy Dealer - Submission and Listing Fees

Selling on DairyDealer.com is easy and risk free! - You don't pay a dime until your listing sells. We're confident in our ability to put you in front of hundreds of thousands of Dairy Farmers around the world and find the right buyer quickly. Start your listing today and start saving money with DairyDealer.com. Welcome to the future of the Dairy Industry. 

 Cows, Bulls and Herd

 $10 Per Head

 Equipment, Feed and Toys

5% Of Total Sale 

 Dairy Farm and Land

                                                 Call for pricing. (575) 760-9868   


Advertising/Listing Rules


  - Must be 18+ years old
  - Can't misrepresent his/her identity
  - Must provide valid and complete contact information including a valid email address

Advertising services on DairyDealer.com are offered by Dairy Dealer LLC. Selling an undivided interest in a land real estate, equipment or cattle property is not permitted. An undivided interest is defined as a partial interest by two or more people in the same property. This prohibition shall not apply to mineral rights.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  - Listing cancellation
  - Limits on account privileges
  - Account suspension
  - Loss of PowerSeller status


For those who prefer to pay by check, please be advised:

1. Please make checks payable to Dairy Dealer, LLC
2. Mail to:
    5 Fairway Court
    Roswell, NM 88201
3. Once your product sells through DairyDealer.com you will receive an invoice for the appropriate listing fees above. Please use the link within the invoice to pay online or mail a check or money order to the address above.