#DD2192 - Complete Single 12 Goat/ Sheep Milking Parlor - CO

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      Complete 12 Goat/ Sheep Milking Parlor

      Details: Great shape! Milk and cheese making facility. Equipment listed below. Other items: food grade milk hoses, stainless clamps, piping and fittings, office supplies, shipping and packaging materials, food service items, 5 gl buckets w/ lids, lots of cleaning supplies.

      * Turn key 12 head stanchion parlor - removable decking, 6 Waikato milking clusters(12 goats/sheep at a time), includes claws, inflations, pulsators, vacuum pumps, gauges, milk pump and stainless pipework. $5,000 

      * 1500 gl stainless bulk tank. $2,500

      * Mueller 850 gl bulk tank w/ pump and agitator. $3,500

      * Mueller 450 gl bulk tank w/ agitator and compressor. $4,500

      * Laksmi cream separator. $1000

      * Steri 300 gl vat w/ agitator. $3,500

      * 650 gl vat pasteurizer w/ agitator. $15,000

      * 1600 gl bulk tank for hauling milk. $3,500

      * Milk pump w/ motor. 2" inlet, 1.5" discharge. $1,500

      * Various chart recorders. $150- $250.

      Location: Colorado

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