#DD2025 - 8" and 10" Plastic calf bucket molds

$ 25,000.00

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      8" and 10" bucket molds

      Description: We have 3 molds - 8" diameter Bucket (5qt)  8" diam. bucket with hook (5qt)  & 10" diameter bucket (8qt).

      To build these molds the cost would be approximately $50k EACH.  We are selling them used for $25k EACH.  They are in excellent condition.
      Tool and Die molding -  is the correct interface for these molds.  

      If you are interested, I can give you more details as to what we pay for the plastic material and the injection molding.  I will tell you, there is a high profit margin.  It really is a great business opportunity for the right person/company.  Someone with connections in the dairy industry and/or food grade applications. The round bottom is unique, in that the bowl comes completely clean with no corners to trap feed or contents.  And the plastic material we use is high grade, so they are made to last. 


      Location: California

      Selling Price - $25,000 each mold

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