The Feed Tray - Get Calves to Eat Sooner

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      The Feed Tray invention was for a single reason. Its sole purpose is to increase the opportunity for young calves to eat grain sooner in life.

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      Most calves do not consume grain until at least 5-7 days after birth. The rumen is not fully developed until 30 days after the calf begins consuming dry matter grain.

      The sooner the calf can consume grain, the sooner the calf is sustainable, saving you money. There are less problems for calf sustainability this way. That is because it decreases the need for scours, respiratory and other treatments. Less problems with calves mean less death loss and an increase to your bottom line. That is why CEO and Inventor, Roper Belew, created The Feed Tray.

      It is critical that the calf consumes dry grain for proper rumen development. New born calves typically do not stick the heads down inside the bucket above their eyes. The Feed Tray allows the grain to be higher in the bucket and visible. Curiosity then takes over.

      The calf can now see, smell, lick and consume the grain. If calves begin grain consumption early, the rumen will begin developing sooner. This allows for better weaning and earlier breeding.

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