#DD1991 - Open Jersey Heifer

$ 880.00

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      Open Jersey Heifer

      Description: She was born 12-4-2019. I think she would make a wonderful mom as she has taken to a calf we purchased really well. We aquired the renamed Maybelle from someone who delivered ber but failed to mention that she did not have a lot of human interaction. Since they had already made the trip I thought I'd work with her but she needs someone who is more familiar with Jerseys and has more equipment like a chute and can handle getting her haltered (put their weight behind it) I cannot. We also don't have a trailer to take her to vet to get her bred since I can't get her tied no AI. Them gentleman we got her from said she had been running with a mini highland. I have gotten her to let me pet and love on her a hit with some bribery of grain. Willing to do best offer and someone would have to pick her up.

      Location: Missouri

      Selling Price - $880

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