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Listing #DD1677 - Edstrom Cooling Controller
Listing #DD1677 - Edstrom Cooling Controller

Listing #DD1677 - Edstrom Cooling Controller

$ 365.00

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Edstrom Cooling System - C-110S Controller
Model C-110S
Any Other Details Increase Your Dairy Milk Production & Swine Rate of Gain With The Edstrom Cooling System Cool off your cattle and swine with the Edstrom Cooling System C-110S Controller. Designed to reduce your livestock’s stress from the heat, this controller is programmable. It can be set to activate the electric solenoid water valve to start and stop the flow of water to the nozzle at the temperatures and cycle times desired. Includes a Smart Mode to provide infinite stage cooling.

Location: Texas

Price: $365

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