#DD1831 - Crossbred Jersey Mid breds - VA

$ 925.00

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      Cross Breeds
      Bred Heffers 4-6 Month Bred
      Age (Specify Months or Years) 18 months
      Weight In Lbs 700
      Feed Pasture
      List Vaccinations BANGS, Blackleg
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      This is a great starter herd, or a great way to expand quickky. All of these heifers were born with six weeks of each other, all due to calve between March 15 and May 1. They are in great condition, and ready to ship. We have a closed herd for 30 years, so no worry of bringing in some new bug to your farm. We have been developing grazing genetics for the last 20 years, primarily based off New Zealand jersey and New Zealand Friesian, recently we have begun crossing with Montbeiliarde for increased cheese yield . All of these heifers are at least 50% jersey about 25% are pure jersey, the remaining a mixture of the three needs. This cross has been very successful for us, making a calm, low maintenance animal that is very strong and able to carry conditional well through the lactation. Pictures available on request, prefer to sell as a group.

      * Going to calve in the spring. All A.I. bred to New Zealand Jersey.


      Total: 36 head

      Location: Virginia

      Selling Price: $925

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