#DD1752 - Organic Jersey Cattle - MO

$ 1,000.00

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      Jersey Cattle
      - 17 third lactation cows -- various stages.  Most calved in the Fall and Winter and will be rebred for Spring Freshening 2020  @ $1,100.00 each
      - 21 Heifers exposed to Jersey Bull for Spring 2019 calving - some will be due about 4-10-19  @ $1,500.00
      - 10 Yearlings  - open -  cycling and ready to breed -- @ $1,000.00 each
      - 12 Heifer calves born from 7-2-18 to 1-23-19  @ $600.00 each
      - 10 Bull Calves born from 9-5-18 to 3-12-19   @ $250.00 each
      If interested in entire herd buyout there are 14 more cows available. This entire herd is currently Certified Organic (MOSA).  Certification will be discontinued in 2 weeks.
      Please call for details and pictures. This herd is unusually quiet and easy to work with, they have had a lot of interaction with people and are Parlor broke (herringbone).  Our last milk test was typical jersey components, with SCC in the 60's. These cattle are pasture raised and pasture kept - Outwintered - SW Missouri. They are also Fescue tolerant. We have fed a custom mineral with high levels of Vitamins A,D and E. I was seriously injured by a Jersey Bull in February and am discontinuing commercial Dairying.  Cattle sold Cash only - As is, Where Is. 1,000 - 1,100 lbs

      Location: Missouri

      Price: $1,000

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