#DD1696 - Organic Jersey Wet Herd

$ 121,000.00

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      Organic Jersey Wet Herd

      35 cows in the milking herd presently ending 2nd
      lactation for most of herd - 1 heifer fresh about a month -- 24
      heifers 17 - 22 months short bred and breeding -- 3 baby heifer calves
      on milk -- 11 heifers 6-10 months old (250 - 400 lbs) -- 1 Jersey bull
      22 months old

       75 head total.  MOSA certified Organic.  Milk cows
      have been transitioned for Grassmilk eligibility. Herd is offered for
      sale due to Organic Valley backing out of their Contract with our
      farm.  Milk Quality is extremely high on this herd.  Typical Jersey
      components.  Majority of herd is pregnant with exception of a handful that freshened in late
      Spring (ready to breed).  Some of the heifers have horns -- young
      heifers have horns (waiting for end of fly season to dehorn young
      stock).  We feed a high rate of vitamins A,D and E and Minerals -- it
      shows by the coat condition of our stock.  We constantly get
      compliments on the quality of our herd from industry experts.  A small
      percentage of milking herd are Jersey crosses -- majority are stock
      that we purchased from the East Coast in Fall of 2015. 

      Pictures upon request! 

      Location: Missouri

      Price: $121,000.00 firm. Cash only (EFT or ACH).

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